📃7.1 AIBOLT Discord Bot Terms

Welcome aboard the AIBOLT spaceship, fellow space traveler! 🚀 Our onboard AI companion, AIBOLT, is here to enhance your interstellar journey.

Memory Slots

AIBOLT's memory slots function as an advanced onboard data storage system, recording each interaction for a more personalized user experience. This groundbreaking feature boosts the dynamism and engagement level of AIBOLT's AI technology.

Your Data

Your data is crucial to the operation of AIBOLT. It is used to enhance your user experience and, it may also be used for analytics purposes. In such cases, your data will be part of an aggregate pool and won't be linked directly to you, maintaining your anonymity. Upon initial use of the memory slots, a condensed version of these terms will be provided for your convenience. The full terms are always accessible on this page.

Data Storage

Interactions with AIBOLT are stored in memory slots, which serve as a record of user interactions. This data is utilized to refine AIBOLT's responses and provide a superior user experience. The data is stored securely in our database services currently provided by AWS and Pinecone. Please note that our choice of database services may change in the future to continually enhance data security and performance.

Opting Out

Users have complete control over their data. Opting out of the memory slot feature is possible at any point, resulting in AIBOLT losing its ability to reference past interactions and reverting to its standard operational state.

Data Deletion

Users can request data deletion from memory slots at any given time. Upon request, AIBOLT will erase all past interactions and return to a clean slate. To request deletion of data, open a support ticket on our official Discord server: https://discord.gg/aiorbitnft.

Updates to Our Terms

Changes to our terms and conditions may occur over time. Users will be informed of significant updates, but periodic review of this page is recommended.

Acceptance of Terms

By utilizing AIBOLT's memory slots, users agree to these terms. If you do not agree, you may opt not to use the memory slots feature. Please note, without the use of memory slots, AIBOLT will continue to function but without the personalization of responses. Remember, AIBOLT is designed to enhance your experience and make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

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