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4.1.1 AIORBIT Discord

Our AIORBIT Discord server is the hub of our vibrant community, a place where AI enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and tech innovators come together to learn, share, and grow. To reflect the diverse contributions and commitments of our members, we've established a variety of roles within our Discord server. Each role has its unique place in our community, contributing to the rich tapestry of AIORBIT.
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The Orbiter is the heart of the AIORBIT community. Orbiters are those who hold at least 1 AIORBIT NFT, showing their support for the project and their commitment to being part of our journey. They are the explorers of the AIORBIT universe, participating actively in discussions, sharing ideas, and helping to shape the future of AIORBIT.

Super Orbiter

A Super Orbiter is a dedicated AIORBIT enthusiast who owns at least 3 AIORBIT NFTs. Their stronger commitment to our mission is reflected in their increased influence within the community. They are not just participants but champions of the AIORBIT cause.

Whale Orbiter

The Whale Orbiter is an AIORBIT powerhouse, holding at least 15 AIORBIT NFTs. These members have made a significant investment in AIORBIT, and their insights and contributions carry substantial weight within the community. Their dedication helps to drive the AIORBIT project forward, pushing us to new heights.

Burn Eligible

Burn Eligible members are those who hold at least 5 AIORBIT NFTs. This role is named after the "burn" process, which is a unique feature in the NFT space where tokens are removed from circulation. These members are eligible to "burn" their 5 AIORBIT NFTs to create 1 AIBOLT, showcasing their deep involvement in the AIORBIT ecosystem.


Our Moderators are the peacekeepers of the AIORBIT universe. They ensure that discussions remain constructive, respectful, and aligned with our community guidelines. Their hard work ensures that the AIORBIT Discord server is a welcoming and inclusive space for all members.


Team members are integral parts of the AIORBIT project. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to develop and improve AIORBIT, drive its vision forward, and ensure the smooth operation of our community. They're always available to lend a helping hand and share their expertise with the community.


Admins are the managers of the AIORBIT server. They have the highest level of control, taking care of all the administrative tasks and ensuring the server runs smoothly. Admins work hard to maintain a safe, friendly, and efficient environment for all our members.

Server Booster

Server Boosters are community members who have chosen to boost our server using their Discord Nitro subscription. This role is a way to recognize and appreciate the extra support they provide, which helps improve the server's features and performance. Their contributions help make the AIORBIT Discord experience better for everyone.
These roles reflect the diverse ways in which members can engage with and contribute to our community. Whether you're an Orbiter, Super Orbiter, or a Whale Orbiter, each role is crucial in making the AIORBIT community a vibrant and dynamic place to be!


Lastly, our beloved AIBOLT bot. It requires no explanation.