đŸ’ŧ3.4 How to Acquire, Trade, and Sell AIBOLT NFTs

Acquiring, trading, and selling AIBOLT NFTs is an easy and intuitive process designed with the user in mind.

Acquiring AIBOLT NFTs

AIBOLT NFTs can be obtained by burning 5 AIORBIT NFTs. When 5 AIORBIT NFTs are burned, their traits are mapped onto the new AIBOLT NFT. Furthermore, AIBOLT NFTs can also be purchased directly from the secondary market.

The exact process of the burn is TBA.


Trading AIBOLT NFTs is made possible through various NFT marketplaces where users can buy, sell, or trade their AIBOLT NFTs with others.


If you own an AIBOLT NFT and wish to sell it, you can list it for sale on any NFT marketplace that supports it. The selling price can be set by you, the owner, and will be influenced by factors such as rarity and the current market demand.

Remember, each AIBOLT NFT has a unique combination of traits that defines its value in the AIORBIT ecosystem. Its knowledge domain, learning capacity, interaction level, visual style, and synergy type all contribute to its overall worth.

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