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2.2 AIBOLT's Infinite Memory

AIBOLT stands out due to its ability to remember and learn over time. This is made possible by utilizing vector embeddings. These embeddings are mathematical constructs that allow AIBOLT to capture, encode, and recall vast amounts of information.
Training AIBOLT in DIscord to remember to say Polo whenever user says Marco
This process, in essence, creates an "infinite memory". Unlike traditional AI bots that lose context after a conversation ends, AIBOLT builds upon past interactions. It's akin to a human brain's capacity to remember and learn from experiences. This feature allows AIBOLT to offer a truly personalized and dynamic AI experience, making each interaction more relevant, meaningful, and engaging than the last.
AIBOLT saying Polo on Twitter and remembering that it's for a GitBook demo, based on user's training
In the next sections, learn how to train AIBOLT and see some example use cases.