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2.1 What is AIBOLT?

The Super AI with Infinite Memory: AIBOLT is equipped with infinite memory, learning from trainings originating from users and project owners.

2.1. What is AIBOLT? 🕹️

AIBOLT is not your ordinary AI bot. It's a super AI bot with the brains of ChatGPT, which we've enhanced to introduce a feature we call "infinite memory". This memory is not simply about data storage; it's about creating an AI that evolves and grows with its interactions.
AIORBIT Twitter saying hi to AIBOLT and mentioning GitBook
AIBOLT is unique because it has its own distinct personality and can remember two essential types of context:
  1. 1.
    Project Information: AIBOLT retains the details of the community it's a part of, from the website, events, history, and more. This allows it to function as an effective and knowledgeable guide within its ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    User Preferences: AIBOLT is designed to be personalized. Each end-user can train the bot to understand and remember their individual preferences and interests.
AIBOLT responding to AIORBIT's tweet about GitBook
This dual context memory makes AIBOLT a powerful tool that's both versatile and personable, making your interactions with it more engaging and meaningful.