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2.3 How to Train Your AIBOLT

Training AIBOLT is like shaping a piece of the future. Every interaction refines its capabilities, enabling it to serve you better. Here's how you can contribute to AIBOLT's learning journey:
  • User Training: Train AIBOLT by using !train <memory to remember>. This way, you can impart personal preferences, favourite topics, or anything else you want AIBOLT to remember about you.
  • Project Training: Project owners can use !project <project information> to feed AIBOLT with project-specific details. This helps AIBOLT to accurately represent and promote project knowledge.
  • Reward System: Each time you train AIBOLT, you're rewarded with 2 points in the AIORBIT ecosystem. Use !points to check your total points, and !remaining to view your remaining training allowance for the day.
Remember, training AIBOLT is only available on our Discord. The limit for training AIBOLT is set to 5 sessions per day to ensure that quality of interaction is prioritized over quantity.