❔5.4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is AIORBIT?

AIORBIT is an AI-driven Web3 community platform featuring a super AI bot, AIBOLT. It revolves around the concepts of Autonomy, Transparency, Education, and Community (ATEC) with AIBOLT as the centerpiece of the ecosystem.

2. What is AIBOLT?

AIBOLT is a super AI bot that uses the latest AI technologies, including an "infinite memory" feature. It can remember user preferences and project information, providing personalized experiences and valuable project insights.

3. How can I interact with AIBOLT?

You can interact with AIBOLT by joining the AIORBIT Discord community and through Twitter. Start a conversation by tagging AIBOLT, train the bot using the !train and !project commands, and earn points in the AIORBIT ecosystem.

4. How can I acquire an AIORBIT NFT?

You can acquire an AIORBIT NFT through OpenSea at this link: AIORBIT Collection.

5. How can I train AIBOLT?

You can train AIBOLT by using the !train <memory to remember> command. This allows you to teach AIBOLT about your personal preferences. If you are a project owner, use the !project <project information> command to feed AIBOLT with project-specific details.

6. How can I earn points in the AIORBIT ecosystem?

You earn 2 points each time you train AIBOLT. Use the !points command to check your total points and !remaining to view your remaining training allowance for the day.

7. What is the AIORBIT Creator Program (Coming Soon)?

The AIORBIT Creator Program is an initiative that allows artists and creators to collaborate with AIBOLT in the creation of unique NFT artworks. These works can then be minted as NFTs and sold in the AIORBIT ecosystem.

Remember, if your question isn't covered here, you can always ask in our AIORBIT Discord community. We are here to help you navigate the exciting world of AIORBIT!

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